SSL Mailbox Secure Email

Product FAQs

Is there a setup charge?
No - We provide you with one secure SSL Mailbox email account and ongoing service for just the $99 annual fee.

How do I access the system?
You can use any browser to access the secure messaging system.

What will my email address be?
Your email address will be your 10-digit office phone number. Example:

How many people can use it?
Anyone at your location who you share your SSL Mailbox password with can sign in and send/receive secure email from your account.

What if I have multiple locations?
You can have separate  SSL Mailbox accounts for each location in your organization.

Can this be added to Outlook?
To keep costs affordable, SSL Mailbox is web-based only at this time.

Technical Support FAQs

How do I send a secure email?
Simply point your browser to and sign in. Compose your email like you normally would and send it. Your email will be encrypted and stored, and a notice sent to the recipient.

What does the recipient experience?
When the recipient receives a notice that you have sent them a secure email, the notice included a link that they follow to create a login and retrieve your message. Once the recipient has a login, they can sign in at any time and read your secure emails.

Can a recipient reply to my secure email?
Yes - When the recipient views your secure email, they have the option to reply. When they reply, you will receive a notice and - just like the recipient - you can follow the link in the notice to read their reply.

My recipient is having trouble retrieving my secure message. What can I do?
If the recipient received your notice but is unable to retrieve your secure email, chances are that they failed to read the instructions. Suggest they follow the instructions in the notice carefully, and if they continue to experience issues, refer them to their IT department or technology provider for further assistance, or send them this URL via normal email:

How secure is SSL Mailbox?
When you send a secure email from SSL Mailbox the message is encrypted, then sent to Barracuda's cloud service. It is stored encrypted in the Cloud (So your message is encrypted in transit, and encrypted at rest). When the recipient signs in to view the message, it is displayed to them in a secure portal. If they reply, the reply is also encrypted and does not leave the portal. You will receive a notice and must also sign into the same portal to read their reply.

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