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Last updated Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thank you for choosing Iowa Solutions for your business phone system. Polycom phones running on the Microsoft Skype for Business platform provide a great and familiar experience for those transitioning from more traditional phone systems. Below is a quick start guide to help you get up and running.

Placing A Call

To place a call to someone in your organization, press the person’s name on the screen.

Hint: You can also press the "More" button on the screen to see additional contacts.

To place a call to someone outside your organization, click their contact name in the Skype for Business desktop client, dial the number on the keypad or press the the person’s name on the screen.

Answering A Call

To answer an incoming call, simply lift the handset, press the answer button on your headset, or press the Accept Button on the phone.

Transferring A Call

  • Blind Transfer: Quick-press Transfer then choose Dial and quick-press the target.
  • Consultative Transfer: Long-press Transfer then choose Dial and quick-press the target. If the target accepts the call, quick-press Transfer again to transfer the call. If the target is still on the line, the call is immediately connected. If not, their phone will ring.
  • Blind Transfer To Voicemail: Quick-Press Transfer then choose Dial and long-press the target. Use the directional control on the phone to select Voice Mail and choose Dial to transfer the caller.

Reviewing Missed Calls

To review missed calls, press the clock symbol at the top of your screen.

Three-Way (Conf) Call

  • Call the first person or while you are on a current call, press the Conference button on the phone (or Confrncsoft key on the display) to create a new call. Note: During a call the active call is placed on hold.
  • Call the second party. Note: You can either dial the number directly or search for the number in the Call Lists or in the Contact Directory.
  • When the second party answers, press the Conference or the Confrnc soft key on the display again to join all parties to the call.
  • To end the conference (3-way) call, press the END CALL soft key on the display or hang up.

Voice Mail

  • Set Up Greeting: If you have Voice Mail, press the Casette icon, then press Message Center. You can also manage your greetings through the Skype for Business client. Choose the Keypad tab, click the cassette icon and choose Change Greetings. Your phone will call the Message Center for you. Once connected to the Message Center, follow the voice prompt instructions to set your greeting.
  • Listen To Messages: If you have a message indicator on your phone, press the Casette icon to access the Message Center and retrieve your new messages. In addition, voice mail messages will be automatically delivered to your Outlook inbox.

Adjusting Volume

Use the volume buttons on your phone while it is idle to adjust the ringer volume. The same buttons adjust caller volume while on a call.


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