Cyber Security Reality Check

How vulnerable is your organization?

Last updated Wednesday, July 25, 2018

If you're concerned about your company's cyber security, you're not alone. According to Bloomberg, threat of a cyber attack is currently the single biggest fear for businesses. With the average cost of a data breach in 2017 at around $3.62 million dollars, that's a hit most companies would have trouble surviving.

Small and medium businesses are especially vulnerable because they often lack the resources to implement a cohesive security strategy, and as a result they are easy marks and can quickly fall victim to attacks. Today, methods are both sophisticated and fully automated - making it as easy as a mouse-click to launch a cyber attack against millions of targets at once. Victims quickly find that a data breach is expensive, embarrassing, and can seriously damage the trust built between their organization and the people they serve.

Intrusion takes many forms. Brute-force attacks and social engineering techniques lead to virus infections, botnets, worms, ransomware, phishing, data theft and data destruction.

Everyone is at risk

As more people connect to their employers using a wide range of devices (many of them personally-owned) the number of opportunities for an intrusion increases further. Because of automation, it's no longer safe to assume you're "too small for anyone to worry about" because the truth is that targeting your company or organization requires noadditional effort or expense on the part of the attackers. Harnessing the power of botnets, hackers can cast an extremely "wide net" and harvest data wherever it lies unprotected.

All these threats are very complex and seem to be growing all the time. Identifying areas of weakness and locking things down requires expertise and experience. Just as installing an alarm system or better locks in your home would require an investment, so too does increasing cyber security - but that cost pales in comparison to the price of recovery after a loss has occurred.

What can be done?

So what should companies do to better detect intrusion attempts and defend against them? In our Security series of articles, we'll outline some steps that can be taken to significantly reduce the risk of a cyber attack.

Of course, if you have immediate concerns, we encourage you to get in touch with us today so we can help you address vulnerabilities before a small security hole becomes a huge crisis.

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