Employment Questionnaire

Please answer the following...

How many programming languages have you worked with? Please provide examples of programs you have written.

Name 3 advantages of an Access Database versus a SQL Database?

A family member wants you to create a custom recipe database for them on the internet. Briefly describe the products you would utilize for this and list out the major milestones of the project.

You've been tasked to deploy 40 computers for a client. Please list out 5 automation tasks/tricks/programs you would use to accomplish this task faster

What can you tell me about the address Have you seen this before? If so, where? Are you able to change this address?

A home user would like access to their personal computer while on vacation. Name 5 ways to accomplish this.

Please list 5 different firewall brands. Which one is your preferred choice and why?

Describe 3 reasons why individuals would write a virus or a spyware application.

Name 3 ways you can make a single wireless AP more secure.

Which do you prefer: iPhone or Android. Why? Be sure to include 2 major selling points of each.

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