Cheap IT Support Services

Your business relies on a functional IT infrastructure, and trying to blend performance with cost and security can be a struggle. The need for safe, effective and affordable business technology is crucial to remaining operational and competitive, so how do you make the right choices when selecting an IT support provider for your organization?

Of course there's a lot more to choosing a provider than their hourly rate. Cheap business IT support might sound good in theory but could end up being more expensive if it takes someone twice as long to figure out an issue, or twice as long to respond. Factor in the additional financial hit from lost productivity while systems are down, and the truth is that the lowest rates don't always mean the lowest cost.

So what should you be looking for? Here are just a few questions we recommend asking when selecting a technology partner for your business:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Who owns them?
  • How many people do they have on staff?
  • Where are they located?
  • Do they offer on-site services?
  • What are their response times?
  • Do they require long term contracts?
  • Do they have specialists, and in what areas?
  • Do they offer proactive management?
  • What's their approach to security?
  • Who else in your industry uses their services?

Does Size Really Matter?

We think so. Those small providers with their cheap IT support rates don't usually have the broad knowledge or coverage needed in today's competitive business environment. On the flip side, the biggest providers may have the resources but are often bogged down with internal procedures and red tape, making it a challenge to reach someone capable of resolving your issue quickly. When you add those expensive contracts, a lack of on site support and outsourced helpdesks, it's not always a great experience.

Iowa Solutions is privately owned and has been in business since 1999, serving the technology needs of hundreds of Iowa businesses. We're "big enough to deliver, small enough to care" with team members trained in cyber security, productivity software, legal compliance, disaster recovery, remote access, network equipment, device management and more. We're local and our multi-disciplined approach to problems enables us to apply the right resources to the right issues at the right time, resulting in quicker overall resolution and lower costs for our clients.

The next time you're looking for a technology partner, talk to us. We'll show you how you can enjoy unparalleled service, security and uptime from one of the friendliest, most affordable business IT support providers in the Midwest.


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